Supply Partners

At Valley View Produce, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our supply partners. We believe in working with suppliers and trade partners based on their ability to give us fresh, premium and consistent excellence in their products. We work across the full gamut of the supply chain to ensure that the highest possible standards are met; we value our relationships and enjoy working with our key partners.
Plunkett Orchards

Plunkett Orchards

Owned and operated by 3rd generation orchardists, this family business is located in the heart of the picturesque Goulburn Valley. Plunkett Orchards have over 120 years experience growing an array of new and traditional varieties of luscious fruits. Using sustainable crop management methods and the latest grading technology, they are able to consistently produce a plentiful variety of exceptional fruit.

"We have been supplying our fruit to Valley View Produce for over 15 years. We know that they will focus on maintaining quality along the supply chain. Their passion means that we get excellent service and support, ensuring we get the best possible return."
Andrew Plunkett - General Manager